3 Lifestyles Clubs

Uplands boasts about 3 lifestyle clubs, Golf Square, Fun Square and Zen Square.

Golf Square - Only a master sport compliments a grand life. Which is why The Uplands offers the premiere golf lifestyle. Sprawling fields dedicated just for the love of Golf. Far away from the world of stress, you'll find the Golf Square that has been envisioned as the one-stop hub for all your recreational and leisure needs.

Fun Square - Now wonder how your life wouldn't get easy! The ever-magical, the ever-wonderful world of Disney is all set to enchantthe kids and the kid in you. In a first of sorts in Gujarat, The Uplands boasts of a zone dedicated for unadulterated children fun, the majestic Fun Square designed with official Disney themes and characters.

Zen Square - In this fast paced life, on the pursuit of success and fame, we forget one very important thing to breathe. Created for mystical meditation and yoga sessions, the Zen Square is an authentic Japanese yoga and meditation club that offers you the serene environment and expertise to rejuvenate after the usual rut of our daily lives.