Villas at Uplands

At Uplands, the skillful and well-conceived designs are the soul around which all living spaces are made to blossom. Modern designs that embrace clean vertical and horizontal lines, unique architectural styles, aesthetically brilliant interiors, and serene exteriors, the spaces in Uplands are both comfortable and graceful.

All the villa structures at Uplands are Ground plus one or two storeys and envelop around are trees that tower above the magnificently designed edifices.

To add to the grandeur of their structural attributes, all the villas have a double height entrance and living room with an option for personal swimming pool, gymnasium, and home theatre. Also the authentic Disney themed bedrooms and intricate detailing add more feathers to the cap of these beautiful villas.

The tranquility of the landscape occupied by these high-end villas is further enriched by the presence of generous spaces on their balconies and open terraces. With a sophisticated stone and natural tile cladding facade, the plush villas at Uplands are "home" in the true sense of the word.